This is the company logo for Five Star Parking Lot Striping.

Five Star Parking Lot Line Striping

Services Offered

This is a photo of a line painting machine that is spraying a white line in a parking lot.
This is an aeriel view of a very large retail business outdoor parking lot. There are speed bumps, numbered stalls, bumpers, and handicap stalls.


This is a photo of an indoor underground parking garage where no parking zones are marked in diagonal yellow markings, as well as the speed bump has line markings too.

Indoor / Underground

This is a photo of a retail business online pickup parking area with custom branded logos, custom colors, numbering, and safe walk zones.


This is a photo of an outdoor sports court for basketball, tennis, pickleball, soccer, and badminton. Multiple colors are used including white lines, yellow lines, blue lines and more.


This is a photo of an indoor warehouse line painting where pathways are marked in yellow and loading door lanes are marked with white line paint.


This is an outdoor photo of a race track with white track edges and custom colors for the edge bumpers.

Race Tracks

This is a photo of a dealership with parking lot line striping markings for new cars, used cars, and customer parking.


This is a photo of a children's playground with games, basketball court, arrows, toy car lanes, and more.


This is a line paint striping machine while it is painting a newly constructed parking lot. The worker is walking behind the line spraying machine and carefully ensuring the lines are perfectly straight and uniform color.